back to school

Nerf War!

My 6 year old is a true safety officer at heart. This summer he noticed several kids he knows were injured in one way or another. One broke their arm falling from a swing; another had a tragic incident where he fell out a 2nd story window. As a result my sensitive safety conscious son decided he wanted to host a safety day and give a speech on safety.  After politely explaining that this would be weird and his friends wouldn’t likely hang out for his speech, we compromised on a back to school bbq with Nerf war, and he could give the safety directions for the game when we started.

Initially the plan was BBQ burgers and hot dogs, with the Nerf War to be held in our front yard. I planned to make obstacles to hide behind out of straw bales. However, the day before, the weatherman updated his report to include the expectation of moderate wind. That was quickly updated to storm warnings, and warnings that roads are expecting to be closed for a giant dust storm. – You’ve gotta love harvest season combined with an overly active fire season. There’s nothing to hold the dirt down.

Interstate 90 dust storm

Awesome. By this point my son has his heart set on this party, and we’ve already bought food, 10 new Nerf guns, and roughly 200 rounds of ammo. We were having a party dang it!

As a result I updated everyone we were moving in doors. I wasn’t too nervous until my brother in-law updated me that they were going to make it after all. Now family is family you just scoot over right. After a quick gun count (that’s an additional 4 kids) I said, perfect see you then!

I went for a Hunger Games theme. More for me than for my son obviously, but hey, I’m going to have a house full I ought to have some fun with this.

I up-cycled some boxes from work, turning them into shields, and marked them with the seals from the different districts.  I posted a sign with the “Capital” seal at the entrance of our family room as our “safe zone”.

I used the kitchen table as the armory – guns, ammo, shields, and safety glasses.

I made up a quick sign for the front door. I figured with that many people and a storm; I wouldn’t be able to hear knocking. You can down load the sign & district seals here: SIGN SEALS


I also found some great Hunger Games theme water bottle wraps. There were several great decorations already created by someone with more time than I have, so I used that as my inspiration, and found this great site with free printables.

Hunger Games - free party printables from Hostess with the Mostess

In the end we had 11 kids – only 3 of which cried, 3 infants, & 7 adults.


DSC_0382 DSC_0383 DSC_0386


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