for all the I'll nevers...

So I bought a minivan

So I bought a minivan

So living in my small town has its perks, but it has several negatives at times too.  The main one is daycare. There isn’t one. I commute 45 minutes round trip each morning for childcare. I live roughly 3 miles from my work, but 15 miles from daycare. It’s alright though, it’s a good daycare, and still in the school district so my oldest can ride the bus there after school too.

Given the commute I don’t like the idea of putting that wear and tear on a good vehicle. The suv I’d been driving was starting to have a hard time getting going in the cooler mornings, which got me thinking I should start looking for a new ride before it actually gets cold.

So here I am searching craigs list for a good commuter, not having much luck when I see a posting for an older minivan with less than 100k miles. My mind goes over to that commercial about all the “I nevers” in life, while simultaneously reviewing in my mind all the mom perks. Space for kids, space for extra kids, easy access for loading car seats, no blind spots, room for stroller plus….

The other day we had my niece and nephew over for a sleepover and ended up doing some awesome juggling to get them home in one vehicle. As I’m thinking about all this, I find myself clicking the link to the post. Interior looks good, decent body, 88k miles……….I’m doing it!

For a minute I thought hubby was going to fall on the floor laughing when I told him what I wanted. But in the end he went with me, we bought the minivan, and the next day he drove our family in that purple minivan as the manliest man’s man he could appear to be.

Now I’ve got my mom phone case, and a mom van. Yup, my 21 year old self would kick my a** if it were possible.

Quick phone case story:

I was all proud of my new phone case that holds credits cards ect, when I go into work all excited and tell my co-worker. Said coworker is in her early 20s with no kids. Needless to say, she laughs and says “you’ve got a mom phone case”. I say “no…. it’s great, I can fit my ID and debit and credit cards in it and just throw it in my diaper bag……ya I got a mom case”.


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