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September 23rd marked 10 years for hubby and I. Well, 10 years of marriage, 12 years together. Not too bad given we started dating as teenagers. I’d go into my sappy “he’s so good to me” stories, but let’s face it, you really don’t care. Instead, I’ll tell you my travel story, we took a road trip to Montana for our anniversary.

Honestly I wish I would have taken a couple pictures of my son as we drove. I could have seriously used the caption “ass-hole mom” for all of them. Haha. As we’re driving along, here I am pointing out all these things I think will interest our son, and every time I turned around he had his head phones on watching a movie. Finally I made him take them off and watch what was going on outside the windows.


(this would be the “my parents are the weirdest” look)

“check it out, the road is red!”

“ya mom, I know”

“How cool Tee-Pees”


How old is this kid, 16? Blah! Nope, that would be my 6 year old, he’s apparently too cool for this. Haha.

helena to caverns

Overall it really was a great trip, and when you ask my son, he had a blast. If you ever take a road trip through Montana, here are a few of my new faves.

  1. Cathedral of St Helena: This gorgeous cathedral is located in the heart of Helena, in an area where many homes are around 100 years old, and some I’m sure are older than that. Personally, this was the first cathedral I’d ever been into, so it may not be one of the most amazing, but it was definitely awe inspiring for me.   This is free to visit, and well worth it.

DSC_0413 dome

2. Lewis and Clark Caverns, Whitehall, MT: It’s a bit of a hike, but well worth it. The woman at the counter, though very nice, didn’t quite prepare us for what was to come. It was a good walk up to the caverns, probably about 20 minutes or so up hill in the desert. Take water. They loan out font carrier packs for babies too. The woman at the counter made it sound like it really wasn’t that big of a deal, but that they just preferred back carriers not be used in case you lean forward the baby may hit their head on yours. This sounded odd to me, but hey, whatever. In reality, you need a fount carrier because you get into some sketchy areas, you actually have to slide down what they call the “beaver slide”, and some taller people will have to practically crawl to get through. This is open May 1st to Sept 30th, $12 for adult, and $5 for kids. Here’s a link to the website.

DSC_0490 DSC_0486 DSC_0476

3. Lincoln’s Silver Dollar Inn, Haugan, ID: It’s a gift shop, meets gas station, meets bar, meets inn, meets giant tourist trap. But, it’s a tourist trap I love. This was actually my son’s favorite stop of the trip. They boast having 50,000 silver dollars. They also have a casino there, which, after driving through Montana where there is a casino on every corner, I doubt this would seem out of place.

There are also multiple ghost towns throughout the area that I hope to hit up next time we travel through. The mom side of me also wanted to take our son into the capital building and have a teaching moment, but decided to skip it for this trip.

silver dollar bar

Have you been though the mountain states? What would you suggest?

Here are some other photos from the road:

DSC_0410 Army helicopter near the Helena air port


Giant soccer ball at what looks like a soccer complex.

DSC_0416 DSC_0419 Bolder Hot springs

DSC_0431      Pretty chapel along the highway.


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