Beta Mom

What is a Beta Mom

So I’ve been asked what I mean by beta mom, so here’s my thinking. Many of us have heard the term Alpha-mom, and view that to be the super mom. Alpha-mom is not only active in the PTA, she often holds a position on the board, organizes car pool, is front and center when volunteers are needed, and never misses school / sports snacks, and most definitely doesn’t forget to bring cupcakes for the class on her kid’s birthday.

Beta-mom: that would be the mom struggling to balance work and life schedules. Needing snacks / cupcakes for school or sports? That’s what the Safeway bakery department is for. Calendar alarms are her go-to app.  She joins PTA, but most often plays a supporting role. She’s the woman that gets it done, though it’s not always pretty.  Beta-mom is the MacGyver of motherhood. Give her a bobby pin, baby wipes, and some paper, and she can save the world. This is the juggling pro: diaper bag, infant carrier, laptop bag, and a back pack? Yup, that’s one trip to the minivan, and all while running in heels, and herding kids.

But let’s face it; this is the mom that carries the guilt of feeling like the slacker mom. She’s not super hands on for parenting, but it’s more because she’s lacking time, and she carries this weight with her always. She’d love for her kids to join all the activities their friends join, and she strives to make this happen, but it just doesn’t always work out.

Don’t get me started on the frustrations Beta-mom faces. Why are schools planning activities at the school at 2:30 on half days when the kids are getting out about noon anyway??????


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