Tips & Tricks of a Beta Mom

How does a Beta Mom get the upper hand on parenting?

Some days it seems that moms take a decent beating from society and it puts working moms against stay at home moms and it seems that work at home moms get the even shorter end of the beating stick. The reality is that we are all doing the best we can with what we have, and working our booties off to balance it all.  Basically we are all feeling that we have to work twice as hard to be seen as half as good.

Duel 2

Personally, I believe we actually pressure ourselves more than the outside world does. It’s like peer pressure, yes it exists, but most often the pressure is from within. Think back to school, and kids drinking or drugs. My experience was always that if you said no, kids were usually okay with that, more often than not, they were trying to be polite, and really didn’t want to share. As adults, I’ve never been told “you really need to be a stay at home mom, its so much better for the kids”, that’s more of a line from a movie. It’s just that other moms get to do stuff I can’t, and then unawarely say things like, “Oh, sorry, that’s right, Kelley works”.

Although it is the majority of moms that are working outside of the home, with the popularity of social media, specifically pinterest and facebook, at times it feels opposite. As for me, until just recently, of my 6 siblings (regular and in-laws), I was the only full time employed, and only 1 other was employed at all. Factor in that several in my social circle also stay home, I regularly feel like the minority.   Hintz, I’ve developed tricks of the trade.

Meal Plan – I actually suck at this, and I’m working at it myself. My problem is I don’t get food out to thaw, so by the time I get home I have to find something quicker. Croc pot meal planning is great too, prep in the AM, and dinner ready when you get home!


Freezer meals – I try to set aside time every couple of months to make freezer meals. These are great for game days, “oops” days, and “I just don’t feel like cooking” days. Another option if you can afford it is a program like Blue Apron. To get these great freezer meal labels click here: meal tags

Image meal tags

10 minute clean up – every evening we stop and for 10 minutes everyone of helping age is tasked with cleaning up. We focus on clutter, not heavy cleaning, unless clutter is in check.

clean it up

Reminder alarms – I set clock alarms for things like 10 min clean up, take garbage can to the end of the drive, and bedtime stuff. I set calendar reminders for the random things like spirit week at school, or snacks for the game.


Adapt work hours where possible to get a couple hours home alone – Some have the privilege of being able to manipulate their schedule so the can get off early maybe once a week or so, others maybe don’t use vacation time in blocks, and can take an hour here and there. The other day I took 1.5 hrs vacation and ran home to clean the house while hubby was at work, my oldest was at school, and baby was still with the sitter. It was AMAZING!



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