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Elk Camp – What’s a Beta mom to do?

So every year, the family goes elk hunting. Up until last year, we really didn’t go as a full family, it was more the men, and their accommodations were less than inviting. Last year we purchased a new camp trailer. I’m in love with it. We opted for the Murphy bed option and back bedroom over the master bedroom and kid bunk option. It also has the outdoor kitchen.  For weekend warrior and vacations, it’s great. We can put the kids to bed, and close the door. They can sleep while adults stay up and socialize. Plus there is a TV in the kids bunk room, so that helps too.  So with the new purchase, we now go as a family to elk camp.


I took a few extra days off work to go, and in doing so I wanted to make sure I updated a guy I’ve been working closely with in India to export seed to. In telling him I would be on holiday (my counterparts around the world call vacation days “holiday” so that’s how I now refer to it when talking to them) he asked if I was doing anything fun. Not thinking my life may be abnormal to someone in India, I told him yes, we are going up to elk camp as a family. His next question should have been obvious

“What is Elk Camp?”

“Oh, sorry, this is a time of year where as a family and some friends, we all go up into the mountains. Then men go hunting, and the women stay back and make sure the kids are watched after, and meals are hot when the men get back.”

“Wow, its sounds like the wild west”.

This made me laugh, “Yes I could probably set the US women’s movement back 75 years”.

He was probably picturing something like this:

wild west

Which isn’t too far off from this:

20151101_193958 CSC_0011  DSC_0038

Elk camp is great though, but at times it brings out my smart a**. Last year my father in-law was a bit crabby coming back empty handed. He saw me embroidering hand towels by the stove in the wall tent. I was quite comfortable. His next comment I couldn’t help but respond to, and it was out before I could stop myself.

“Is this Elk camp or Stitch Camp” – imagine that in the gruff, I’m irritated voice of a man in his 50s.

“Well I don’t see any elk hanging out there, but I do see a stack of finished hand towels”.

Ya, that didn’t go over too well, I didn’t see him again for a while. Ha-ha. Oops.

This year however it fell over Halloween and a Frozen on Ice event, so I was the only wife on scene. But I got to admit, I felt pretty proud of myself that first day of hunting. Hubby and his friend John came back just as I was about to start some lunch. I had let my son talk me into pop tarts for breakfast, so I was planning on making my biscuits and gravy for lunch. We have some eating restrictions in camp, so I expected to make it for one. However, with the horrible rain that day, I had 2 extras could include in my lunch plan. Turns out when you’ve been out hiking in the pouring rain, temperatures cold enough it was snowing in places, biscuits and gravy sounds pretty good.

Turns out I forgot the flour, but bisquick is a pretty decent alternative for flour when making gravy. And the heart healthy style makes the BEST biscuits. No need to waste time making from scratch when they taste that good out of a box.

Dinner that night was Venison Stew, made with beef broth, vegetable broth, venison, carrots, and potatoes. (Recipes below) As I said we have diet restrictions at camp, so we left out tomatoes, and noodles were cooked separate. I also made gluten free cornbread (out of a box by krusteez – tastes pretty good), a few quick mini chocolate pies from chocolate pudding and mini gram cracker pie crusts. Personally I was pretty proud of myself. All that while entertaining an infant, and a 6yo with a stomach bug. Didn’t expect to be dealing with a sick kid while on the mountain, but you make things work. Look here for tips and tricks for entertaining kids in closed space in bad weather or illness.

Here are the people pics i love too:

20151031_155514 20151031_155423 20151030_124506

But overall, apart from the people, this picture is the perfect explanation of why I go:


Elk Camp Recipes:

Chocolate Pie: make pudding of choice using directions on the box, pour into mini gram cracker pie crusts.

Biscuits & Gravy

Venison Stew

Other good food ideas:


Steak & Potatoes

Fish Fry w/ sweet potato fries (use a camp fryer, or a pot with a metal scoop spoon that drains)

Burgers – camp standard


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