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A Beta Mom’s Top 5 Tricks to camping with kids

  1. Games: Bring a variety of games including cards and dice when camping that don’t take up a lot of space. Keep in mind the age of the kids. Yahtzee is good, because you can play a variety of dice games along with Yahtzee including farkle, pig, and quarters. Card games are also great, games such as Uno and skipbo are great for all ages, takes up minimal space, plus you can take a regular deck of cards and play games such as go fish, crazy eights, old made, memory, and depending on age and family preferences, poker.
  2. Pack camping snacks that the kids like, but are still healthy. There is something about camping and road trips that brings out the munchies in people and kids. Try things like fruit leather, summer sausage with crackers, cheese sticks (great because they’re water proof”), and gogurt.
  3. Bring a small stash of versatile toys. Not too big, but big enough to play with outside and inside if the weather turns. But don’t leave out things like a football. Nerf footballs are good as you can use them outside for most any age, but if the weather turns, it’s not too bad to throw around a tent or even the camper depending on your set up. We keep our toys in a basket with holes in it so if they get sandy or wet we can shake them out before storing.
  4. Back up clothes. Always take a couple extra changes of clothes. That likely goes without saying, but kids will get nasty dirty.
  5. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Have a stash of extra blankets, and warm items. Many places people think, oh its summer, we don’t need warm clothes. Then night falls, and what do you know, its chilly out. This is even more common for those who are not used to going into the desert or mountains. With the same thought in mind pack extra water.

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