Top bizarre toys our kids will never fully appreciate:

Speak and spell – A.K.A. Speak like the devil.


Teddy Ruxpin – creepy bear that would read stories. Not sure about yours, but mine had some kind of a short. It would be 2am and all of a sudden “read with me”.

teddy ruxpin

Etch-a-sketch – everyone had that one friend that could make the freaking Mona Lisa on this, while all they could draw was a maze.

etch a sketch

Pooch Patrol / Popples – stuffed creepiness. Roll your pet into a ball, or make your dog look all pissed off. And mom’s like, “oh, he’s sweet honey”. Um…. OK..

popples pooch patrol

Tamagotchi – the original digital pet. I don’t know about you, but I was happy if mine survived the night.


2XL – the robot you put cassette tapes in, and he told random facts and bad jokes.


Trolls – crazy little naked guys with colorful hair.


Light bright – I don’t even know how to explain this toy.

light bright

Pogs – a game where you stacked bottle caps then threw a heavy cap i.e. the “Slammer” at the stack and took all your friend’s favorite pogs. Schools across the country had to make rules outlawing “playing for keeps”. I’m single-handedly bringing this back. Its a hard road, but i am determined that if my son wants to play some game from way too long ago, it will not be Pokemon. At least I understand how to play pogs.


Pogo ball – what was this? It looked like you were jumping on a miniature version of the planet Saturn.  We even ended up getting pogo balls at school.



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